Grant Goldner
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Design, Engineering, Science

inspired by Biology. 


Grant Goldner

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Grant Goldner is a New York based Industrial Designer. Inspired by living amongst the power of nature in the forests of British Columbia, vs man's dominance over nature in New York, he was inspired to facilitate a harmony between these worlds. Grant began as a fine artist, sculpting to spark question over social issues, most pressing being our relationship with the natural world. Through organic sculpture, nature's structural beauty revealed itself, and the function in its form became the motivator for Grant's work. Grant looks now looks to the functionality of nature to solve the challenges an ever growing population imposes on the planets natural resources. How will we feed, power, and transport our selves? How can we extend the ability of the individual in pursuit of personal passion and need to survive?

Grant studies Industrial Design at the Parsons School for Design in New York City. He has exhibited around the world and has presented on the intersection of biology and design. If you would like Grant to speak at your event, or would like to grab a cup of tea get in touch. Grant is currently on the Hunt for a Summer Internship. 


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