Grant Goldner
GOLDner The Element of Art and Science


Design, Engineering, Science

inspired by Biology. 


Grant Goldner is a New York based Industrial Designer working at the intersection of science, engineering, and design. Inspired by living amongst the power of nature in the forests of British Columbia, vs our dominance over nature in New York, he was inspired to facilitate a harmony between these worlds.

Grant first attempted to harmonize these opposing worlds through natural sculpture. In this process, he was introduced to the functions that were inherent to nature’s aesthetics. Courses at the Biomimicry Institute and Parsons the Newschool for Design, formalized his approach to applying functions in nature to sustainable design challenges. After developing products in traditional industrial materials, Grant yearned for a way to mimic the performance and sustainability of natural materials. Turning to biofabrication in research and design roles at companies like Ecovative Design and the Healthy Materials Lab, Grant is leveraging microorganisms to grow life friendly materials.

Today, Grant reflects on New York’s trash lined waters he kayaks in and feels he contribute to preserving the beauty of the natural world by designing objects with a net positive environmental impact.


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