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How Can Your Brand Benefit From Sustainable Innovation?


Here’s How!

I work with brands to develop media content, exhibitions spaces and sustainable consumer products by implementing biomaterials, strategies emulated from nature and circular lifecycle management.

I can conduct novel Biofabrication R&D, harnessing microorganisms to grow new building materials for products, from furniture to architecture. I also serve as an intermediary with brands and existing biomaterial manufacturers by translating their technology constraints into easily manufacturable and scalable products.

Using circular economy strategy, I can suggest materials more likely to be recycled and simultaneously grow customer engagement. My products boast removable joinery, disassemblable with common tools, this allows consumers to upgrade and replace worn parts. This also allows recycling centers to tear down products and put their materials into proper recycling streams. I consider the recycling capabilities of each region a company distributes to, to suggest materials that are more likely to be recycled at end of life.

Through the lens of Biomimicry I can time emulate evolution tested strategies of organisms and their surrounding systems into both our physical products and systems. I do this by abstracting both our artificial desired function and our natural model candidate to compare across the same plane. For all biomimetic strategies I examine a natural model’s form, process used to assemble its materials, and role in a larger system. Beyond an innovation update to your product, Biomimicry also demands a real sustainability win!


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